What is a Doula?

Doulas follow an ancient tradition which was once commonplace within each community. In the past, there would have been a local ‘wise woman’, who attended to the needs of pregnant and birthing women and their families, offering them her natural capacity to help in holding the intense space of childbirth; keeping the labouring woman grounded, focused and free from distraction.

The Doula, in present day terms, ensures that the birthing woman and her family have the continuity of care and loving encouragement which greatly assists in a positive experience of childbirth.

Doulas do not offer medical advice or apply clinical measures, but do offer a wealth of knowledge around birth and the ability to help empower women to have a truly positive experience, through providing information, support and encouragement, without judgement. Encouraging and informing Mum's and Dad's-to-be to make truly informed decisions around their pregnancy, birth and early parenting is a large part of the role of the Doula.

Doulas have evolved alongside the modern day choice of father’s being present at birth, to provide great information and support for partners and offer practical tips and words of wisdom for Dad’s-to-be; helping them to experience a sense of true participation and an understanding of birth, and to empower them  in their ability to support their woman through this life changing journey.

Doulas are there to support the whole unit when appropriate, Mother and Father and siblings too. We do not attempt to mirror the role of any other supporter, but to empower all towards a truly positive outcome.

The memory of birthing is one which stays, in close focus, forever. Those who are privileged and intrepid enough to walk within this realm, with woman, will learn much in an ever unfolding journey of learning, highs and lows, moments of grace, missed night’s sleep, tears of joy and sometimes of frustration!


To ‘train’ in such a field within a short time is impossible in many ways, as the whole of a Doula’s journey is an ongoing learning and such training only truly starts once we begin to experience it for oursleves.

However, our Courses provide much information on the shapes and sounds of labour, the physiology of birth, the interplay of hormones and how we can help protect nature’s intricate and perfect rhythm. We look at Natural pain relief as well as the various medical models within the National Health system and we focus on the many tried and tested ways in which to be of best assistance within the role of Doula.