Doula Training Course Dates & Venues



  • In-person 5 day courses are between £800 and £900, venue dependent.
  • Zoom and E-learning 6-8 week courses are £850 (some concessionary places are available for those with proof of benefits).
  • Zoom / E-learning Doula training consists of a mix of 2 hour Zoom meetings, with assignments in-between and 'WhatsApp' groups formed for each group, along with your facilitator. We also offer 'story share' optional evening sessions alongside the training and 1:1 tutorials afterwards
  • Bith the Birth Doula and TIDE Courses includes your postnatal Doula module too
  • The Postnatal Doula Course is a ‘Full Immersion’ into this subject for those who want to specify their service as a postnatal doula from the start, or to simply add many postnatal tools to their skill set. It serves as either a foundation for Postnatal Doulas or a top-up for experienced Doulas
  • Birth and Postnatal Doula in-person Training Courses are 5 days long and run from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday, unless otherwise specified.


  • Residential courses:

Everyone missed our Residential Doula courses so much during the lockdowns, including us! We are back for 2022 (and will offer lateral flow tests at the door).

For 2022, we are experimenting with new incredibly low cost of our beloved Conscious Birthing Residential Doula courses, which were started by Kate many years ago and have continued to be a unique and memorable experience. We want everyone who is able to get away for a few days to be able to afford this experience and take the time to truly indulge your passion for the work, without the usual commitments and distractions of the everyday. 

Edinburgh, April 3rd to 9th. *Special price: £875* (including all course fees, accommodation and breakfast)

This residential course is a Birth Doula course and the training runs from Monday 4th to Friday 8th of April. Residents can access the house from 5.30pm on Sunday 3rd and are welcome until Saturday 9th at 9.30am. Daisy Dinwoodie, our wonderful new facilitator, will be facilitating the training.

We have very few beds in this venue-there are just 4 singles in 2 shared rooms. We also have 2/3 non-residential places. Please inquire at: or scroll down to book your limited place.





Midsomer Norton nr. Bath, 'Doula Training Solstice Retreat' with Kate: June 19th to 24th. *Special price: £1000* (including all course fees, accommodation and meals)

Our residential in June 2022 will be held in sessions from Sunday evening to Thursday evening.

This course will include your meals and accommodation and runs from Sunday evening to Thursday evening. You can view the whole timetable at for  more information.



  • A little about TIDE:

TIDE (Trauma Informed Doula Education) is still a Birth Doula foundation course. TIDE offers you the opportunity to work with those who are living in disadvantaged circumstances and with more complex lives. We disucss how best to support ourselves and those families we work with, towards more calm and empowered birth and parenting and through this, we contribute towards steps the healing of transgenerational trauma. This is an epigenetic story, which fully acknowledges the saying, 'healing the earth begins with birth', and starts by connecting back to the vast knowledge, faith and oral tradition which once existed within this work. We also recognise that within these models, it's sometimes / often not possible to 'create safety' for people within marginalised groups, so we explore how we might offer our services to be of best support, towards best outcomes.

TIDE is inclusive, in every way. We consider Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) which start in-utero and look at how they impact on future generations. We delve into ways to begin to 'come into the body' for those who feel they can and we consider where and when that might never feel like a safe option for others. We look at how best we might support those who have dissociated as a survival strategy for example and consider what empowered preparation for birth and early parenting might look like.
Our stance is one in which we are facilitating the individual towards their own toolkit, not attempting to fix or rescue them ourselves. We acknowledge this journey as a means to have a more connected birth, fostering bonding and attachment, which can help break those transgenerational patterns of abuse, neglect and ultimately, further trauma.​ 

Our TIDE foundation Doula Course enables you to follow the Doula UK pathway for birth and postnatal work, as well as to join Doulas Without Borders, or Doula UK's Access Fund, should you choose.TIDE is also a foundation course. 

The 1 or 2 day Trauma Informed Birth Practitoner workshops are for those who have already trained as a Doula, a Midwife or other Birth worker. Please see for further information and book your place here below.


Terms and conditions:

  • There is a non-refundable deposit required for all foundation Courses below and we ask that you pay in full within 4 weeks of the Course start date. 
  • Cancellations policy: Deposit is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another Course within 1 year when (subject to all other previous reservations and bookings) within 6 weeks notice of the Course start date. Cancelling the Training week closer than 1 month to the start date will incur full payment of all fees.
  • In the very unlikely event that your application is rejected, any deposits paid will of course be refunded in full.
  • We reserve the right to change Course facilitators at any time, due to unforeseen circumstances.

                                                               HOW TO BOOK YOUR DOULA TRAINING PLACE...

  • Please choose your venue and date below and then press 'Book a Place' which will take you to a short Application Form to submit and your deposit payment options. You will then hear from us to thank you and either confirm your place, ask a few more questions or arrange for a phone call, just to chat about your interest in the course.


Doula training
Doula training
Doula training
Doula training
Course type: Non-Residential
12 week February TIDE ‘Deep Dive Sundays’ Zooms with Kate
Deep Dive Sundays
27/02/2022 to 15/05/2022
8 slots available
Course type: Non-Residential
Postnatal Sundays in March, online with Samsara
Conscious Birthing Postnatal Doula course
06/03/2022 to 10/04/2022
8 slots available
Course type: Non-Residential
March Birth Doula Course with Samsara, Glastonbury
Birth Doula course March 2022 Glastonbury Samsara
07/03/2022 to 11/03/2022
12 slots available
Course type: Residential
April Edinburgh Birth Doula Course with Daisy Dinwoodie
04/04/2022 to 08/04/2022
No slots available

This course is currently fully booked.

Course type: Residential
June Somerset Birth Doula Residential Course with Kate
Residential doula course
19/06/2022 to 24/06/2022
14 slots available
Course type: Non-Residential
Brighton Doula Course with Kate July 11th to 15th
Doula course
11/07/2022 to 15/07/2022
6 slots available


‘Words cannot explain the true value of the Conscious Birthing Doula Training. Everyday the course brought more to the table, educationally and emotionally. I have never felt more part of a sisterhood than with my fellow students and of course Kate. Seeing the role of a Doula through Kate’s eyes was simply inspirational.’ Georgie Watson.

Attending the Conscious Birthing doula training course in St. Ives was nothing short of transformational for me. I could tell from day one that this experience would be so much more than completing a Doula UK requirement. The enchanting coastline, the beautiful home steeped in creativity, intimate connection with fellow birth workers, and Kate’s natural ability to hold space for deep healing — every moment was exceptional and far beyond anything I could have imagined! We sat in circle as sisters — laughing, crying, learning, releasing, and fully preparing ourselves to serve women with great knowledge, compassion, patience, and open hearts. I would highly recommend Conscious Birthing doula training to anyone wanting to fully immerse themselves into the magic of becoming a doula. Don’t forget to bring your journal — you’ll need it!‘ Crystal Jack.

'Fantastic course which offered a real insight into the birth process - how it was managed before modern medicine came to poke its nose into everything...Thanks for the experience!' Dr. Attila Jonas

'One of the best times of my life. The course was amazing and far exceeded my expectations. I learnt alot not only about the life and role of a doula but also about the journey of birth. I also learnt more about myself too. Kate is soo funny, kind and an absolute pleasure to be with'.​ Kelly Williams.

'This course is very special ~ Kate is an fantastic & intuitive teacher who has an amazing amount to offer you as a student. The course is delivered full of heart & soul, with so much openness. 
Kate's knowledge & experience is incredible. I loved every minute of it! I feel very lucky that life led me down this wee path to this course last week. Thank you so much Kate!!!' xxx Sophie Grindlay.

'I attended the Conscious Birthing Doula training in Brighton and I'm so pleased I did it. It was an intense week of learning and gave me confidence, plus a greater understanding of the doula role than I had  before. It gave me the confidence to know that I could be a doula. Samsara is a wonderful teacher, providing a safe nurturing motherly space for us to learn and she was experienced, full of wisdom and knowledgeable. The happiness I felt through having been on the course has since spread through my family at home too. If you fancy a doula course, I thoroughly recommend it'. Eva Bay Greenslade.

'A week of 'Awakening' at Paddington Farm on the Conscious Birthing Doula Course. Felt incredibly held by ‘Kate Woods our facilitator who guided us through a journey of reflection and self~awareness.Kate shared her immense bowl of Doula knowledge from her 20 years of experience with love and laughter.I feel I have discovered within me a strength and an energy that I never knew existed and that its just ok to be myself! It was a privilege to share this journey with a wonderful group of like~minded women. Looking forward now to using the rich learning and supporting families into new beginnings!' Carol Chamberlain.

'I think from the reviews posted it goes without saying that Kate holds a special gift in sharing and teaching her Doula knowledge. An amazing experience in itself that I now feel confident in offering my support as an intelligent tea-drinker to my future clients. But far more than this is the life lessons that exude from her teachings. Her ability to share with integrity, warmth and just being, Kate is a lesson for us all. All wrapped up with fun, laughter and great humour ....a pure blessing. If you feel 'doulaing' is the way to go, this course is a must. Enjoy the journey!' Katie Algar

'You can't NOT learn from Kate, she exudes passion, strength and knowledge, and is generous enough to share it with us. I learnt on every level, and grew more mentally, physically and emotionally every day. I started to become a better person, as well as gain a greater understanding of how to offer the best I could as a Doula. This course offers so much more than just training - it empowers, uplifts and celebrates. I would do it every week if I could!' Amber Strong.


Doula training
Doula training


'Not quite two weeks since leaving Somerset and I don't think my feet have touched the ground since. The most powerful, beautiful, thoughtful, touching, healing, changing, growing, learning, amazing week. Kate's teaching is heart-centred, woman-centred and humbling. Her style is truthful and passionate and leaves you wanting more....I recommend this course to any woman seeking her way to sharing women's wisdom in her community. ' Awen Clement