Coursework for Conscious Birthing Doula Training



Doula training


The coursework required for the Conscious Birthing Doula Training is as follows:

Pre-Course module: If you are a mother, or have been pregnant, you will be requested to journal about your pregnancy/birth/postnatal experiences in advance of the week and encouraged to choose 3 or 4 main points which you might want to share on Monday of the Course. Your own writing is a reflective piece and you will not be required to read it out within the group. You will be looking back over it during the week though, so please ensure you bring it with you.

Post Course: There will be a piece for self-reflection, a piece on Infant feeding and a book review. The review is as follows:

Choose a book from the Reading list and write a small review, 500 words minimum and 1,000 words maximum. This can be completed in advance of your course, if you choose.


Post Course Steps

You have some options after your course is completed. You can apply to join us on our Conscious Birthing Student Programme, which entails finishing your coursework, stating that you would like to join our Student Programme when you email your Coursework in and and then completing the application form.

On acceptance, you can choose your Guide (dependent on availability, you may be able to choose your Course facilitator as your Guide). You need to attend between 3 and 6 births for Birth Doulas and 30 Postnatal hours for Postnatal Doulas, following your Student Guidance Handbook and staying in touch with your Guide as you progress. When you are ready and your Guide feels so too, you can progress to a Conscious Birthing 'Established Doula'. All information can be found on the Student Programme page at

You can choose to join Doula UK and follow the 'Recognition Process' too, just stipulate that you would like to join on your emailed coursework and you will be emailed a link to join, at which point you can choose a mentor, attend a minimum of 4 births, fill in a small amount of paperwork and pass on a form to the family you're working with (for their feedback, which is sent straight to your Mentor), talk each experience through with your Mentor and attend a final interview in order to become a Doula UK Recognised Birth Doula. Please see the Doula UK website for more information.

Doula training