Childbirth Educator Course

   Conscious Birthing Childbirth Educator Course 


             ‘Recognising your skills as an educator by developing your qualities as a person’


Being a Childbirth Educator creates a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference for parents-to-be during pregnancy. Having great education and support in preparation of your labour, birth and new role as parent has a lasting and hugely positive impact on their quality of experience, their level of confidence and their ability to fully enjoy the adventure which starting out as a new family brings.

This Course is based on more than 20 years of working with parents-to-be, facilitating Conscious Birthing groups, and using a reflective practice: learning from feedback as to what most helps and supports them during their classes and workshops, and crafting the very best Childbirth Education sessions as a result.

This Course is absolutely unique in that we strive to empower you towards your own style of educating, by encouraging a ’start where you are’ style of approach, whilst ensuring you’re provided with everything you need to start and run your groups, workshops, classes or individual sessions. Unlike many courses now available, you will learn about being an educator in some detail, building your knowledge base from your Doula skill set outwards to teaching modalities and learning styles. You’ll bring these together and brush up/add to your knowledge base to create a deep, informative and fun class, workshop or session for parents-to-be.

The Conscious Birthing Educators Course is a total of 6 days, with a 5 day intensive followed by your 6th ‘Graduation day’ after 6 months of coursework. 

The total cost is £850 for course (5 day intensive plus Graduation day, 6 months tuition, full certification and use of CB materials. Please see: for dates).

Some Doulas find that it’s not the right time for starting up/continuing a practice which involves being on call, but still feel passionate about working with parents-to-be, and some would just like more information to share or to be able to confidently offer classes and workshops, so training as a CBE is a perfect addition to any Doulas tool kit! 

You need to already be a Doula to apply for this course. (If you aren’t already a Doula, please contact us for information on the 2 day add-on Training). 


The Conscious Birthing Educators Course includes:

  • Debriefing our own education experiences.
  • ‘What makes a great educator’ and ‘What makes a great Conscious Birthing Educator’? Looking at both the ways in which Childbirth Educators create fun and memorable sessions, through to what makes a Conscious Birthing Educator unique.
  • Find out about your own learning style and consider how to include the various learning styles into your own sessions, workshops and one-to-ones.
  • Looking at teaching methods: Ways to deliver your content, keep attention and focus while remaining  aware of your groups needs.
  • ‘Setting the environment’: Discussions on physical, emotional and energetic environment setting, from sending directions to your group members to practising self-care as a facilitator. 
  • ‘Building blocks’: Time to review and update our learning by refreshing our knowledge.
  • Considering ways to empower parents-to-be and to invite them to connect deeply with their baby and to honour the rite of passage of the childbearing year.
  • Become part of a community of Conscious Birthing Practitioners, who keep the faith in normal birth and act as advocates and ‘Ambassadors of Oxytocin’! 
  • Learn to facilitate meditation sessions. 
  • Have the opportunity to create your own games and handouts with full support from us, alongside being able to access the ‘Conscious Birthing Educators pack’, PDF’s filled with goodies such as our unique and well loved ‘Postnatal Preference’ handout.
  • Use of the Conscious Birthing logo and links.
  • Access to a monthly Zoom meeting for 6 months in-between your course and your Graduation day.




  • Join our wonderful Conscious Birthing community and access our groups, retreats and workshops. 
  • You will receive support for your Conscious Birthing Educators Course after your initial 5 day intensive, with monthly check-in’s with your tutor, via Skype/Zoom or by phone.
  • You will be able to use our directory to advertise and will have use of our PDF’s and logo.


Coursework for Conscious Birthing Educators Course is as follows:


  • Devise a questionnaire to send out as an email to participants before they attend your workshop/class, including directions/map, parking information and public transport, questions around any extra needs and an enquiry into previous any pregnancy/births. Please ensure this is emailed in to us before you send out to your group.


  • Create a teaching aid: This could be anything from a simple handout to a set of flash cards, a game or a model for demonstration. You will have full guidance and support for this task and it’s not dependent on being creative.


  • Spend at least 2X2 hour sessions with pregnant women/couples in preparation for labour, birth and postpartum. Write up your self-assessment forms and send in to us, ensuring that the woman/couple also have their feedback form with a S.A.E to complete and return. You will need a total of 4 separate feedback forms from your participants. 


  • Choose one topic from the 6 week class and prepare to present on your Graduation day, approximately 6 months after your intensive. This can be a topic of your choice and you’ll need to prepare a half-hour presentation to the group, incorporating some of the varying learning and teaching modalities you’ll have learnt in your course.