Birth / Postnatal Doula Course Content


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Our Five day Birth in-person / 6 week Zoom Doula Training Courses offer:

  • An informal, relaxed but rich learning environment, which is emotionally safe, fun and confidential
  • Pregnancy, birth and new parenting sharing circles, both in-person and live, online
  • A fully comprehensive folder to keep, with information on many aspects of Doulaing and the childbearing year, references, thought provoking articles and much more
  • Full Certification
  • Personal tuition and time to address any issues raised, with a one-to-one meeting, upon request
  • The opportunity to join Doula UK.

Doula training


It really was an absolutely fabulous week, giving me so much food for thought and surpassed all my expectations. Like I said to you on the last day I don't remember ever feeling so inspired! The way you enabled us to learn, reflect and gain knowledge was brilliant. Being taught by you in such a safe, warm environment really was a privilege.- Fran.


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Conscious Birthing Doula Training Courses are founded on many years of learning and experience within the field, allowing us to share what we have learnt and continue to learn along the path of this truly unique vocation.

We discuss a myriad of potential birth experiences, from home or birthing centre to hospital, from waterbirth and normal birth, to the more medicalised procedures which can arise during labour, and their potential outcomes.

Exploring our role as Doula is the central focus, through self-enquiry around our own inherent influences which shape our intentions to work in this field.

We spend time sharing tips and experiences of working with pregnant, birthing and postnatal women / people and their families, looking at some of the issues and topics which can be raised during this precious time.

Our focus is on informed choice and to educate you on what those choices are, so that you can ensure your clients have every opportunity to 'own' their labour and birth. 

The Curriculum includes:

  • Why train as a Doula?
  • Reflecting and debriefing of our own Birth stories and exploring our inherent attitudes around Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood.
  • The role of Doula in a historical light and modern day context.
  • What it means to be ‘on call’ and how to prepare, in practical, physical and emotional ways.
  • Boundary setting within your Doula Practice.
  • Counselling and listening skills; how to ‘read’ non-verbal ques and approach vulnerable subjects.
  • An In-depth session on the Stages of Labour including the physiology of birth and the interplay of Hormones within the labouring and birthing process.
  • Working with your local healthcare team.
  • Birth ‘Plans’: tool of focus or potential for disappointment?
  • Pain relief used at home and in hospital.
  • Alternative pain relieving methods from  cultures and traditions around the world.
  • When things don’t go according to ‘plan’.
  • Birth preparation methods.
  • Birth companionship and how to help; including Active birth positions, Acupressure techniques, massage for labour and birth, use of herbs and homeopathy and breathing ‘techniques’.
  • Birth companionship and the Art of Doing Nothing.
  • Where do I begin? Ideas for those first Prenatal / Postnatal sessions.
  • Postnatal Doulaing…what might we offer? Empowering new parents, rather than ‘teaching’, signposting, feeding support.
  • Self nurturing and co-support for us!
  • Networking and working with backups.
  • How to set up your practice, set fees and attract clients