Advanced Doula Training Course


Our Advanced Training Course is open to those of you who have already attended a Doula Course. This Course runs for 3 days.

This Course costs £300, or £350 in Ibiza, to include lunch every day.

Please see our page to book your place.  

Doula training

Our three day advanced training includes:

  • De-briefing and opportunity to share how your Doula Practice is going, if you've started, de-briefing any births attended and looking at what might be blocking you from finding clients to work with.
  • Stages of pregnancy...the three trimesters, what can come up and connecting with your clients in those various stages. Using the elements for support.
  • Preparing for birth in pregnancy for women and couples. What are the most important topics to cover? 
  • Working with survivors of abuse. Looking at models, triggers, signposting and support.
  • Looking at previous Birth traumas, miscarriages and terminations, and ways in which these different issues might affect a subsequent pregnancy and birth.
  • Exploring Bellycasting, with a demonstration whenever possible.
  • Using Birth Art..exploring the use of this medium for our clients and for our own de-briefing. (You will not be expected to share or show any painting work carried out on this Course)!
  • Bellydancing for labour, with an opportunity to have a go!
  • Supporting women in Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (VBAC) and some holistic approaches.
  • Working with figures in 'authority'. An opportunity for some gentle self-enquiry around this issue and support in 'finding your voice in the birth room'. 
  • Exploring the Rebozo technique, with time to practice within the group.
  • Shoring up your relationship...working with couples in preparation for what parenthood brings.
  • Herbs for pregnancy and early postnatal days. Creating a wonderfully healing herbal bath remedy for that first postnatal soak and either learning to make a perineum spray or a placenta tea.