About Samsara


Since I was a small child I have been drawn to the mystery of birth. My first birth was a powerful entrance into womanhood. I was not only amazed at my bodies ability to grow a baby, but also with the realisation that my body also knew how to birth him, nourish and comfort him with a sense of deep remembered knowledge. But a sense of aloneness was also present during my labour. My partner was everything and more, but he was having his "own" birth experience.

At one point during the labour I felt desperately alone, physically as well as emotionally. All I wanted was my mother, my sister, a friend, anyone who knew me. A woman who I could trustingly sink into, take strength from their belief in birth, who would whisper me words of love and encouragement and hold me as I travelled this journey. I promised to myself in that moment that I would never be along again in birth without a supporting sister with me, or that I would never leave a woman to labour alone if she asked me to accompany her. I had unknowingly become a Doula.

Two years later in the softness of the early morning light, I welcomed my precious daughter into my arms, gently surrounded  by my partner and held by the strong female presence of my chosen Birthing companion. I felt that I somehow had returned home.

Now 29 years later I can be mostly found enjoying my wonderful and inspiring children, sitting in the magical woods where I live or by the side of a birthing woman as she journeys to becoming a new Mother.

I am a childbirth educator, facilitator of the Mumababy Tribe circle for pregnant and new Muma, a Birth and Postnatal Doula, a Doula UK mentor and I make placenta remedies.

Doula training


"I did Conscious Birthing Doula training with Samsara in Brighton. I am so pleased I did it. It was an intense week of learning and gave me confidence and a greater understanding of the doula role that I didn't have before. It gave me confidence to know that I could be a doula. Samsara was a wonderful teacher, providing a safe nurturing motherly space for us to learn, she was experienced, full of wisdom and knowledgeable. The happiness I felt through having been on the course has since spread through my family at home too. 
If you fancy a Doula course I thoroughly recommend it”. Eva, 2016

“Samsara was absolutely amazing.  Her experience as a doula brought such richness and depth to the training; being able to provide examples or accounts of so many different scenarios.  This really allowed us to see how things work in practise and get a real sense of the work we'll be doing and what difference it can make to parent's...experiences”. Clara, 2017

“Thank you again for the life changing course Samsara, your energy and approach were wonderful. I really can't imagine having started this journey with another doula or group”. Zachi, 2018