About Kate

Kate Woods

Founder and Facilitator of Conscious Birthing

Doula training



Kate has been involved with the process of pregnancy and birth since 1994, when she had her first child. The experience was so immense and utterly life changing that through it, her passion for this phase of life was initiated.

Friends began to request Kates’ presence at their births, and by the time she trained as a Doula in 1998 with Michel Odent, she had already attended  several hospital and home births. Kate went on to also train as a Holistic Childbirth Educator.

Since then, Kate has continued to support women and their families all over the UK and has based the Training Courses on the knowledge and experiences gathered during this time.

Kate’s ongoing studies have been with Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Elizabeth Davis, The Holistic Childbirth Educator Foundation, Janet Balaskas at the Active Birth Centre and Suzanne Yates at Well Mother (Shiatsu for Labour) and has published articles in 'The Green Parent' and spoken at Findhorn's 'Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth' conference.

Kate has two children and lives in Glastonbury, Somerset, working in many neighbouring areas as well as further afield, and even abroad! 

For Kate, pregnancy and birth is a truly bountiful time, which deserves to be reclaimed as the powerful rite of passage which it has always been; learning, honouring and celebrating this with others is her passion and her life’s work.


Feedback from previous Courses:

"I loved your passion Kate..and that you shared your wisdom from you, not syphoned from a training rhetoric."


"I now have an insight into a doula's knowledge, and the relationship between a doula and her clients. As a midwife I feel it is vital to understand a doula and her knowledge to be able to give the best combined care to a woman. However the best part of the course was being able to reconnect with holistic care, learning remedies and techniques I was previously unaware of and would not have learned in my training. To know that all natural techniques have been tried before moving into medical ones will give me greater peace of mind, and most importantly, the best care possible for a woman in labour." 


"I found the course content massively informative and empowering. Lots of laughter whilst learning, the perfect combination!"


"Really thorough, but not too overwhelming..well paced."


“A relaxed and open environment in which to learn. The dense content of the course was offset beautifully by opportunities for self-reflection and open discussion.”


"An excellent overview of the both the factual material and attitudinal issues involved in Doulaing. The information pack is really comprehensive and full of some really useful reference material. I was impressed with how much detail we were able to pack in over the five days without feeling rushed. I learned some great skills and deepened my knowledge and understanding of the physiological process of birth, as well as current medical practices. Over and above the practical learning, what made this course special was the approach to the personal journey and role of the Doula. Questions around managing oneself, one's relationship with one's client, staying calm and present throughout the most difficult and challenging circumstances were managed wisely and were ever present in the room, permeating the whole training."